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(because I'm unoriginal with names)

Contained here are all the icons I've made for Livejournal (or similar journal sites) usage, so naturally, this is an image-heavy page. Unless noted, they are all free for you to use on your journal, as long as you give me the appropriate credit for making them in the icon description (my LJ username is simply Khandreia). (This is mandatory for any icons that may contain my own artwork!) If you wish to use any of my icons as a forum avatar somewhere, please credit me in your profile or signature. As necessary, series/movie-specific icons are grouped together. While hotlinking protection has been configured to allow linking to images on LJ, I ask that you please do not hotlink and to save images to your own hard drive and upload them accordingly. This is especially important if you want to use them on a forum or another journal/blogging service outside of LJ. And don't even think of claiming anything here as your own, because I know what's mine and what I've got here, and I'm very protective of anything I create. Base images are free for you to customise as you wish (or leave as is too), but I'd still like credit for making the bases.

Requests? I'm rather iffy on doing that, especially if someone asks for something I either am not interested in, or I have no images to go on for whatever they want. Besides, I work better when it's something I myself want to do, rather than being made to do something. In other requests for now, please.

Last Updated 5.22.2012: Oh hi, this place still exists! I've gotten back into Gundam again, so I've redone that section (not its own folder) to add the various new Gundam X icons I've created, as well as a brand spankin' new GX mood theme.

My Awards!

Teen Titans Icons

Power Rangers Icons

Gundam Series Icons

Shamanic Princess, Witch Hunter Robin, and .hack//SIGN Icons

Misc. Anime Icons

Kiba base image (Wolf's Rain) NW - Kiba - 'Bare Grace Misery' NW - Wolf's Rain - 'Wanderlust' NW - Kiki (Kiki's Delivery Service) - 'Dark Chest of Wonders' NW - Rei (Evangelion) - 'End of All Hope'

Personal and Gift Icons
(These are icons that have been made specifically for myself or for friends, and are NOT free for you to use. I just wanted to show them off for the hell of it.)

My kitty...

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