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Fan-made music videos have become a rather ubiquitous part of all visual media fandoms nowadays, but not everyone has the money or resources to make the flashiest, prettiest, highest-quality videos. I know I don't.

At this one-woman operation called Vulture Studios (named after the group of scavengers in the Gundam X anime series), I try to do my best with what I have and what I can find, and tend to avoid flashy trends or overused music. I just like to make videos and tell stories for the shows I love with the music I love, and maybe help someone discover something new in the process.

Last Updated 4.01.2014: I have a new short video for all of you! No April Fooling here, but I do hope it's something you'll laugh at anyway. Also...Sins of the Armor has won AWARDS! This makes me very happy.

7.21.2013: Continuing with my Samurai Troopers/Ronin Warriors binge, I have a new (kind of long) video featuring the Message OAV. My longest video yet, and it also features another first. Go take a look!

6.07.2013: A short new AMV is up...and it's not GX or PR/sentai! Amazing!

7.02.2012: Another new GX AMV is finished, and it's probably one of my most ambitious ones yet. Have a look, please?

4.14.2012: And mere days after finishing one video, I've churned out another one that is the complete opposite of it. Go check it out!

4.11.2012: Another video already? I return to my anime/Gundam X roots after ten years with a video that's both new and...not new, I suppose. You'll see what I mean on the Finished Projects page. I've also revised that page so that the newest videos are listed first instead of being at the bottom of the page.

Still haven't been arsed to change any of the old graphics and such yet, though, so just ignore the "About," "Future Projects," and "Credits & Thanks" graphics. One of these days I'll actually do something about it. Really.


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